I am sorry to report that NFDC Internet Connection is closing down. A few months ago, I had a brain hemorrhage that effected my vision. While I can see just fine, my ability to read has been severely impacted. I have been using "speech to text" utilities to "read" and "write", but those tools are not perfect and please forgive any mistakes you might notice in this missive. This condition severely constrains my ability to react quickly to outages and glitches that often pop up in this industry. So, I will be "taking down my shingle" here at NFDC by December 31, 2021.

I am so grateful for the way in which Southern York County welcomed me, my family and business! We have met so many wonderful and kind folks along the way. Thank you all! My goal is to be shutdown by the end of the year, but be assured that I will be here until all of my friends and customers have successfully made the transition to other providers! Also, for those customers who have unused fees I will be offering prorated refunds.

But enough about me... let's take a moment to address the impact on you. You are the ones doing the transitioning. In the past NFDC has provided the following services:

Dial-Up Access

NFDC's original product was dial-up access.  For those of you too young to know, that technology connected individual subscribers to the Internet via modems at speeds of 1200 or 2400 bits per second.  High speed access came along and pretty much replaced dial-up.  In sparsely populated areas some dial-up is still used.  NFDC actually continued to support dial-up subscriber to this day.  However, these customers must now look elsewhere for service.

If you want to continue to use dial-up, you may want to look here:


NFDC offered two types of email products.  The first was email for our individual subscribers and the second was for companies.  I strongly suggest to companies using email on NFDC servers that they should look for professional technical services to make the email transition.  Doing so will minimize potential downtime when you switch to another provider.  Also, the transition may require moving your domain registry to a different registrar and making other DNS related changes.  Our business customers may already have IT staff who can handle these tasks.  For those who don't, you may want to contact one of these service providers:

Individual email subscribers have an easier path.  The first step is to open an account with another email service provider:

After you open your new account, go through your old emails and contact all of your utilities, banks, investment services, etc... and change your contacts to your new email address.  Be thorough.

Don't forget to tell your friends!  While your NFDC account is still open you can use the "Out of Office  Reply" preference to notify folks of your new email address when they send an email to you old address. (click here to see)

Please remember, after 12/31/2021 your NFDC account will be gone and anyone who sends email to it will get a bounce back.

DNS Registrar & DNS

NFDC used to register your domain(s) with Network Solutions in our wholesale account there.  We made sure that the domains were paid and up to date.  I hate to tell you that you may have to assume that responsibility now.  (If you also have a website or many domains, you may want to look at the next section to get help with a services company to handle both moving your site and DNS at the same time.)  However, for many reasons you may want to execute the domain registrar transfer yourself.  Here is a brief description of the steps you will have to take: 

Your domain DNS may be already populated with DNS records that do things like point your email to your email server.  In fact, there may be many records that need to be created with your new provider.  Upon request, NFDC will provide existing records to you so that you can enter them into the domain that you create with a new vendor.  NFDC can not create these records for you.  (All registrars use slightly different procedures to do this.) 


I saved website hosting for last because most of the websites hosted at NFDC will require migration of email, website and DNS.  Email and DNS are described above.  So, re-read them if you have to.  However, I would again strongly suggest that you enlist the services of qualified technical specialists to lead you through the process:

However, if you have the wherewithal you may follow this brief overview: 

Please understand that the above description(s) are a very broad brush and NFDC takes no responsibility and implies no warranty for their accuracy. 
YMMV (your mileage may vary)


Well I hope that I didn't put you to sleep with this "swan song". We can't say too much that Charlene and I have enjoyed each of you immensely and you will always be on our minds and in our heart!